My insight into the nurturing the senses,
sexuality and self knowledge:

My name is Ckiara, (the C is silent),

I am Libertine, Humanist and Philosopher…

My philosophies are mine and open to growth. Never, would I impose my beliefs or self on others, I embrace all that I come in contact with or discover and throw away what is not suited for me.

I’m not asking permission to enjoy myself!

My skills, knowledge and service that I provide, come from pain and study, the experience of life, I have come to be able to get and give exquisite, tantalizing pleasure; in candle lit rooms filled with the fragrances that permeates the air, through my nostrils, up to my brain then slowly down my body to my,cosmic, cache’ clitoral pearl.

It all is a translation of the joy that my senses, and the senses of those, male and female, who join with me, are experiencing.

Sensations can come from every direction.

There is the sensation of skin touching skin, the sight of flesh of different colors contrasting in erotic fantasies brought to life. Indeed, life itself can be one great fantasy, brought to life if you accept that which has been given you and that which is there.  Ecstasy is a simple personal creation, that which the senses enjoy together or individually.

“One can reach one's peak at any time if you honestly answer, to that which comes from within.  Obey your taste buds, the sounds you crave, what you find beauty in, what your nostrils find delectable, what the flesh craves. Obey the truth of your mind, the wisdom of the soul and the needs of the body! It would be too personal for advice from any one but self… … … …Death is inevitable and should not be feared for it’s not finality just rebirth. We are infinite beings of energy and light.” On this planet to have physical experiences, to live!

Let them Call me Whore or call me Contessa, call me Priestess or call me Witch!

Call me Princess or Crazy because in me, all are both part of the Goddess!

Yes, all!

For I am all and I am nothing

Never think of me as “normal.”


I know what makes a pussy wet and a cock
stand up. And, perhaps more importantly, I know that eroticism can occur without either happening…

Indeed, eroticism is like a tapestry of many colors and images….

Everyone’s preference is different.

My services to you are of the highest skills, experience and know how possible! You work hard and what you give me for my time…I appreciate!

I really enjoy my job, meeting people, playing adult sexy sports and I’m just plain hedonistic in all its pleasurable meaning.

First of all I am not a robot and neither are you. There are many things we are taught to be ashamed of or are not comfortable with because we believe it is not normal and we feel fear of the unknown.

We live in an age of advancement but do not advance individually, spiritually or physically. We stay at our comfort zones and do not challenge ourselves mentally, physically or spiritually (Not religion) but individual spirit; every thing has a spirit especially sex, some spirits vary from very gentle to unfortunately sadistic and sometimes fatal (bad karma).

Well will continue from here with the saner more fun spirit of life, liberty and the pursuit of me!

I believe, however in the past when there was no technology, ignorance ruled the lands and men and women were in their most primitive state it was necessary to have a collective thought process, rules, regulations and consequence, yet now we live in an era of limitless information and can do away with ignorance, stereotypes and superstitions…

We can let go of what inhibits us, through self help and confronting all that hold us back or we wish to explore. Yet, we remain blissfully ignorant and continue a chain of inhumanity, old wives and husband tales myths, fear, meddling where we are not requested or needed to run from our selves, our true nature…when we hear of or see others daring and living, doing things we could have done ourselves, we become bitter, jealous and right down nasty. We wish the person failure and sometimes engineer it. Well, that’s how wars are started from within out to others… Then there’s some of us who see these exact people and don’t want to be “HATERS” and we too begin to dare ridding ourselves of old tired deadly thought and rediscovering our child mind of discovery…

There's really no need for that! At whatever time and age of consent you can explore and experience whatever you have always fantasized about. Once you realize something you have always wondered, fantasized or feared, you see it was not that big or it's a great experience and you grow.

Men and women sometimes don’t understand the simplicity of sex/ touch/nurturing the senses. Being natural. We are afraid of being natural because from the time of our birth we have been taught against it! A little time on oneself makes the heart fonder and sacrifice almost useless because one is fully alive within one's own skin. Decisions are made not just from logic but from emotion and being well taught (self taught) about your longings and desires are healthy! “Our natural state, our sexual urges are as natural as eating and breathing…” We have been thought to suppress it. We have been given images and stories as children to the evils of sex. Every thing we enjoy we feel in our core then it shoots out that energy throughout our bodies. We judge sex by the person behind the sex and the actions of that person. Sex in general is free and innocent. Think about it?!

Now, how a person is raised, with what attitude and the stigma the mere mention of sex carries leads people to do some right down inexplicable things to hide or to quench their desires. They feel alone and strange because they believe that they are sick, perverted and deviant. But really, Sex is also very much appetite and tastes vary… No one on the planet wants it exactly the way you want it… Sometimes you can have it your way if you're willing to pay to play (nothing wrong with that). Like some people say “it’s really none of someone else’s business but your own”. Since is it is something you own that’s yours alone treat with love respect and share with those whose appetite imitates yours.

I say “Don’t look for approval.” If you feel it is right and you're harming none intentionally/criminally. Your approval is all you need.. When desire overpowers on it’s delicious! When there is honesty involved and both parties know this might just be fuck and that’s great then there is no bad experience and when you make love you love. If you hustle with it, it must be a trained, excellently skilled, protected movement; erotic art in motion…

Once all safety precautions have been set one can start, loving every inch of your bodies, never hesitating to let one know what feels good and what doesn’t. If you like a little pain with your pleasure there are those who’d love to play with you without malicious intent. Life is to be lived.


Make peace with sex it is the act from where all life (not excluded to physical birth) is produced and delivered!

Love light and getting a piece

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